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How Beautiful is Christ in you & me

Day after day, year after year, It seems our Nation is coming undone.  Greed and economic uncertainty is the standard headline of the our day.   Integrity and morality seem in short supply.  You say to yourself – I’m only one person.  What can I do.   You are not alone in thinking this.  If you believe Christ’s Body would be stronger together, lets start talking – sharing & come together through “The Real Rock Messenger” & “Real Rock United, Lane County”.

  • If you’re a Christian   and you’re tired of getting ran over by the world it’s secular and atheistic agenda, contact builderbobabel@gmail.com.
  • It seems more and more they want to erase Christ from America…in our schools, court systems, in our government and in the media. It’s time to join arm & arm, heart to heart & head to head right here in Lane County.   This is the county God will hold us responsible for.
  •  If you are concerned about the attack on Christian values, family and marriage, you might want to contact R.R.U & the R.R. Messenger.
  • If you see hundreds of churches in Lane County on every corner but no Unity, strength & cooperation between them – It’s time to tell your church and your pastor to join together with all the followers of Christ in Lane County with RRU and the uniting force of the e-newspaper…”The Real Rock Messenger”.
  • Real Rock United & the e-newspaper is serious about uniting the entire body of Believers in Lane County and becoming a template for every other community in Oregon.
  • The enemy of our souls laughs at how dysfunctional and uncooperative the body of Christ is. We were meant to be   The Guiding Light providing real answers, directions, and opportunities  in our communities.
  • You see that we are separated by denomination, non-denomination, by buildings, and parking lots often just blocks from one another…yet we all believe in Christ and all that He stands for.

Real Rock United is serious about uniting the entire body of Believers in Lane County and becoming the template for every other community in Oregon.  We were never meant to stand alone.  Our leaders must not  separate us. We are to be a connected, loving example – a community of people, a shining example in our business and our personal life.  And when we fail, we promptly seek forgiveness, return to what we know is right and true and move forward.

We have a very short time left to become the active obedient bride and Body of Christ he commanded us to be in His Word.  If we continue on as we are we play right into the enemy’s plan.  But if we come together in unity as Christ commanded us to, the intended power of the Holy Spirit will come upon us & we will achieve far beyond anything we could ever think or imagine.  Christ is calling.  We provide the Real Rock Messenger & Real Rock United as a conduit to finally bring us together on the same page.. Look within to see what we provide to every believer and to every pastor who will lead his body into the Unity, Power & Direction of The Spirit & the Word of God. We will be contacting & interviewing every church in Lane County one at a time and present the results for every believer to examine and learn from.  We ask for your prayers for strength and wisdom and input, which you can fill out on the Site Page – “Thoughts from God’s People.’

Contact us @ http://www.realrockmessenger.com / builderbobabel@gmail.com